YouTube Fact Checks in Search Results

YouTube has added a new feature that helps negate fake news and the spread of miss information. I’m Smyth from CekPrinter.Com and in this tips I’ll be telling you about YouTube’s new fact check in search feature. Now let’s get started.

YouTube Fact Checks in Search Results

The new fact-check feature is something that YouTube has introduced to help people be more aware of what the truth really is when searching for information online. These fact checks will appear at the top of search results with proven information from reliable sources.

You’ll see the claim being fact checked the name of the publisher doing the fact check, a summary of the publishers fact check finding, and a link to the publishers article to learn more. These fact checks are provided by publishers approved by YouTube.

Can Trust the Information Displayed in Fact Checks

So you can trust the information you see in these boxes. Since YouTube doesn’t create the fact checks themselves if you happen to disagree with something you see in a fact check you need to contact the publisher directly.

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That’s everything you need to know about YouTube’s new fact-check feature. Thanks for reading if you found this article helpful we’d love it if you’d hit the more tutorial.