Smeared or Blurry Lines on Paper MFC-8810DW, MFC-8710DW, MFC-8510DN

If you have blurry prints on any of your printing pages it could be, especially the first one that comes out is gonna be blurry. The indicator is that your fuser is the fuser sleeves on the roller are going bad. and that’s a very common case on printers like these here.

Smeared or Blurry Lines on Paper MFC-8810DW

Basically any printer any brother printer that has the tn7 2750 toner cartridges for some reason they kind of had a issue with that where it gets to over 50,000 pages sometimes under that and it starts doing the blurry prints.

And to check that you print any page, and it’ll show you if it’s blurriness due to, bad fuser it’s very simple to check anything that will come out of the printer even if it’s slightly blurry or one part of it is blurry what you do is you just put your hand just wipe your hand over anything printed and in this case we have a good fuser.

Smeared or Blurry Lines on Paper MFC-8810DW

Nothing was smeared anymore, and the fuser on this printer is good even though we have 53,000 pages on this one. That we’re already printing but if you swipe your hand over a printed page and it had blurriness you look at your hand if it has black dust on it it’s bad.

In our case we don’t have any problem with the fuser, but if you do the fuser is located on the back, you want to turn off the printer and wait a little bit.

Before you go in there, because it’s pretty hot on there, this unit right here is the fuser to remove it we’ll just need to pull the duplexer out.

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Remove the side, in the back cover. today we’re going to be but make sure you put it. And now you have a full access to to the fuser can open it, you can open it here and inspect it these are the rollers the upper roller is the sleeve, it’s kind of a very thin metal piece.

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That goes over the eating elements and the bottom one is a row. It’s just basically a foam and heat resistant kind of roller, and those usually two of them have degree place you can see that one is going out very soon.

It’s beginning to have those kind of like lines going through it but anyway if you don’t have a problem what the printers quality you don’t have to worry about it for a few thousand pages more but if you want to continue using the printer, just find a good deal online and have it ordered because usually they’re from China and they’re gonna take about you know two weeks to get to the United States or elsewhere.

So this is basically an unfortunate news for me for you if you have blurry lines and you have to go through this process of replacing the fuser. But fuser to replace the whole fuser here it’s not very hard it’s about thirty minute job and the problem is that the fuser alone will cost you around 150 possibly you can find a good deal of a used one with low pitch count for maybe eighty dollars a hundred times for maybe eighty dollars a hundred times but that’s about as long as it’ll get