Telegram “Delete Everywhere” – Delete Messages for Everyone

Ever wish you could erase messages you’ve sent on telegram, from your own device and your friends?  Now you can. I’m Smyth from CekPrinter.Com and in this article I’ll be showing you how to use telegrams new delete everywhere feature. Now let’s get started.

How to Delete Everywhere Messages Telegram

To start, open telegram and go to the conversation you want to erase messages from. Then tap and hold on a message bubble to select it. In the menu that appears tap Delete. then select Delete’ For Me And Your Friends Name. This will erase the message on your own device and on your friends.

Telegram Delete Everywhere Messages

You can select multiple messages to erase by tapping and holding on one message, select more in the pop-up menu. Then tap each message you want to delete to select them, and tap the trash icon in the bottom left corner to delete. Or tap Clear Chat in the top left corner to erase all of your messages from your chat, and select delete for me and your friend’s name.

You’ll see a countdown appear at the bottom of your screen. You have five seconds to tap undo if you somehow do this by accident. If you do this quickly enough your friend won’t know you sent them a message at all. Plus unlike other apps with a similar feature telegram will not put any message letting the recipient know that you deleted a message, so it’ll be gone without a trace.

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That’s everything you need to know about telegrams new delete everywhere feature. Thanks for reading. If you found this tutorial helpful we’d love it if you’d hit the more article.