How to Use Unfold to Edit Instagram and Snapchat Stories

People are getting more and more creative with their Instagram and snapchat stories. Wondering how people are getting these cool fonts, templates, and effects it’s the unfold app. I’m Smyth from and in this tutorial i’ll be showing you how to edit your Instagram and snapchat stories using the Unfold App. Now let’s get started.

Edit Instagram And Snapchat Stories with Unfold

You can download unfold for free from the App Store. To create a new story using unfold tap the plus sign icon at the bottom. Then add a title and tap create story, to add the first page to your story tap the plus sign at the bottom.

You’ll see a menu appear with a ton of page templates to choose from, scroll sideways to see more templates. Check out the additional categories to see even more. In the template previews any area that is light gray indicates where a photo or video can be added. Black or white areas are background and the horizontal grey lines are text boxes.

Tap the template to add a page with that layout to your story. Tap the add media icon inside a grey box on your template to insert a photo or video from your device’s camera roll.

You can then adjust the photo by pinching and turning with two fingers, note that your image doesn’t necessarily have to fill the entire image box, but it cannot go outside of it. You’ll see an outline appear in black while you’re adjusting. Tap outside of that boundary when you’re done adjusting. Repeat to add any additional images if your template has more than one image box.

At anytime you can tap the I in the bottom left corner to preview what your story will actually look like. Swipe down to close the preview. If your template has a textbox built-in you can move the text box wherever you’d like it to appear on the page. To change the text itself double tap.

Then type in what you want the text to say, to change the text style tap Edit text. At the top of the text editing window scroll sideways to see the various fonts available. Tap B too bold the text, tap the to uppercase A’s to make the text in all caps.

Tap the three horizontal lines to change the text alignment. In the bottom half of the text editing window, tap the two different-sized A’s to adjust text size. Use the slider at the bottom to make the text larger or smaller.

Edit Instagram And Snapchat Stories with Unfold

Tap the A-B option and use the slider to adjust letter spacing. Tap the three lines with an arrow beside them to adjust line spacing. Tap the raindrop to change your text color, tap a color to apply it. to add a colored background to your text, tap the a with a box around it, tap a color to apply it.

When you’re done as being the text style tap the check mark on the right. To access more editing options tap the pencil icon, select background color to pick a backdrop for your page. Scroll sideways to see more colors, and tap a color to apply it.

When you’re happy with the color you’ve picked, tap the arrow in the bottom left corner to go back to the editing menu. You can add additional text boxes with the text box option. Edit them in the same way you did with the built-in text box. Lastly you can add stickers. there are graphics, stamps, and other items you can use to add a little extra flair to your story. Tap a sticker to add it to your page, then adjust its size and placement. Repeat to add more stickers if you like.

Now that you’ve created one page you can add additional pages if you want to. Tap the plus sign at the bottom to add another page, and repeat all of the steps we just did to create as many pages as you’d like to include in your story. Swipe sideways to change which page you’re viewing, if you need to you can change the order of the pages.

Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Scroll to the page you want to move, then tap the pencil icon. Now tap one of these icons on the side to move the page forwards or backwards in your sequence of pages. If you want to remove a page tap the trashcan icon at the top. Then tap delete page to confirm.

When you’re done reordering and removing pages, tap the X in the bottom right corner to close the editing view. When you think you’re done putting your story together preview it one more time just to make sure. If you’re happy with it you can go ahead and export the story. Tap the export icon in the top right corner.

You can choose to save just the current page or your entire story. Then you can choose to save the story to your device, export it as a PDF file, or upload it to your Instagram or snapchat story. If you opt to send the story you’ve created to either Instagram or snapchat the app you’ve selected will be launched with the story you’ve created loaded up, add any additional filters, stickers, and text if you want. Then all that’s left to do is post it. That’s all it takes to create awesome Instagram and snapchat stories using the unfold app.