How to Take 3D Selfies on Snapchat (New Feature)

Snapchat added a new feature that allows users with compatible devices to take super cool 3D selfies. I’m Smyth from and in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to use snapchats NEW 3D selfie feature. Now let’s get started.

How to Take 3D Selfie on Snapchat

3D is a new camera mode for snapchat that will give yourself ease a cool new perspective and more dimension. The 3d feature is only available for iOS and only on iPhone X or newer. We’ll put a list of all the compatible devices in the description box below.

Take 3D Selfies on SnapchatTo take your own 3d selfies on snapchat open the app and switch to your front-facing camera, then tap the downwards arrow on the right. From the menu that appears tap 3d. The 3d camera mode will then be enabled, say cheese and snap your selfie once your 3d selfie. Once 3D selfie  loads you can swipe sideways to add filters the same way you do with regular snaps, these filters are specifically tailored to 3d selfies.

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When you’re happy with how your snap looks go ahead and send it to your friends or post it to your snapchat story.

That’s all it takes to snap your own 3d selfies on snapchat. Make sure you check out our playlist of snapchat tutorials linked on menu to learn about snapchats other awesome features.