How to See Who Viewed Instagram Profile, Unfollowed You, or Blocked

Curious who’s been looking at your Instagram profile, unfollowed you or blocked you, you’re in luck? I am Smyth from CekPrinter.Com  and in this article I’ll be showing you how to see who’s been looking at your Instagram profile. Now let’s get started.

How to See Who Viewed Instagram Profile

To begin you’ll need to download an app called Reports+ For Instagram. This app is free to download and provides you with information and analytics about your account, including how your follower count changes each day. Who’s been looking at your profile and more, it’s very useful for monitoring your account stats.

How to See Who Viewed Blocked

Once the download is complete start up the reports+ app. Tap login with Instagram, then sign to you instagram account. Tap get started. Now you’ll see the main reports+ dashboard. This will give you an overview of various stats for your Instagram account.

Tap maybe later to ignore any offers within the app. Top a specific stat to see which users are on the list, these features are free to use.

If you tap the menu’ icon in the top left corner, you’ll see more categories of stats for stories, engagement, insights, and graphics, the features included in those tabs require a pro subscription.

That’s all it takes to see who has looked at your Instagram profile, who was unfollowed or blocked you and more. Thanks for reading.

Source: Youtube