How to Use WhatsApp Like a Pro 2019

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world in 2019. If you’re a beginner don’t worry we’re here to help. I’m Smyth from, and in this article I’ll be showing you how to use WhatsApp. Now let’s get started.

How to Use WhatsApp Like a Pro

Here’s an overview of all the things we’ll cover in this article, feel free to skip ahead to the more advanced stuff if you already know the basics. We have a tutorial on how to download and set up whatsapp on our blog already, so if you need some guidance watch that article before continuing with this one. We’ll leave a link to it in the description box below.

Once you’ve installed the app and set it up with your phone, number you can start messaging contacts you have saved in your device that are on WhatsApp. Start a new conversation by tapping the chat icon in the top right corner. Since WhatsApp is linked to your phone number WhatsApp can automatically show you which of your contacts are already using the app.

How to Use WhatsApp Tap the name of the contact you’d like to chat with, or type their name in the search bar at the top to avoid having to scroll through your whole contact list. If you want to make a group chat, tap New Group first, then select the contacts you want to.

create a new group on whatsapp

Chat with a chat window will then be opened you can type a message in the text box above your keyboard. Tap the blue arrow on the right to send your message. Share pictures or videos documents your location or a contacts information by tapping the plus sign on the left. Then selecting what you want to attach to your message.

Once you’ve selected the image document etc that you want to attach tap the blue send button to share it in your chat. Tapping the small square icon inside the chat text box will open this sticker window. By default you’ll just have one set of stickers available, but you can download more by tapping the plus sign at the top right corner of the sticker window. Tap the download icon beside any sticker pack you’d like to download.

How to Use WhatsApp Like a ProSwipe down to close the sticker download menu. Once you’ve downloaded multiple sticker packs you can switch between them by tapping the icons along the top of the sticker window. Tap a sticker to send it in your chat.

If you’d like to add a sticker to your favorites, tap and hold on a sticker, then tap add to favorites. your favorite stickers can be accessed by topping the star icon, within this window you can also find fun animated gifs to send in your chats. Unlike stickers these don’t send as soon as you tap them, so you can select a gift and watch it all the way through before deciding whether you want to hit the send button.

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You can send voice messages by holding down on the microphone icon. Release the microphone to stop recording and your voice message will send automatically. If you’re recording and decide you don’t want to send your message, swipe your finger to the left to cancel.

Another cool feature of whatsapp is that you can use it for free voice and video calls. To call one of your friends through whatsapp, you can tap the phone icon in the top right corner to start an audio call or the video camera icon to start a video call. You can also tap calls in the bottom menu, then tap the new call icon in the top right corner. Starting a call this way works the same as starting a new chat, simply scroll to the name of the contact you’d like to call then tap the phone to start an audio-only call, or the video camera to start a video chat.

You can make group calls by selecting new group call, tapping the names of the contacts you want to include then tapping the icon for either an audio call or video call. Check out our tutorial on whatsapp group video chats to learn more.

Make WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp also allows users to add posts to their status which works quite similarly to the stories features on other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Tap status in the bottom menu to get there. You can post photos, videos, or text posts on your whatsapp status, to share a photo or video tap the camera  icon beside my status. This will open a camera window where you can capture a new photo by tapping the circle icon at the bottom, or a video by holding down the circle icon.

you can also upload images from your device’s camera roll. Tap one to select it, add a caption to your status, then tap the blue send icon to share it to your status. To share a text post to your status tap the pencil icon. Type in what you’d like to say. In text at is’s you can share clickable links to websites, YouTube videos or your social media profiles.

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We have a more in-depth video about sharing links on whatsapp that we’ll link in the description box below. Change the color of the background for your text posts by tapping the color palette icon in the top right corner. Change the font by tapping the T icon, when you’re done tap the blue send icon to share it.

That does it for our tutorial on how to use WhatsApp. Thanks for reading. If you’d like a more in-depth look at specific features check out our playlist of whatsapp videos linked here.