[Tutorial] How to Fix CCleaner Not Responding

Hello everyone how are you doing that. This is CekPrinter.Com here with another quick tutorial. In today’s it’s warm and show you guys how to hold resolve if ccleaner it’s not opening or working properly on your Windows computer.

So hopefully be a pretty straightforward process here and without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

How to Fix Ccleaner Not Responding

So first thing we’re going to do is open up the Start menu, type in regedit, so REGEDIT best mathematical registry editor you want to go ahead and right-click on that, and then select a Run As Administrator, if you receive a user account control prompt you in law click on Yes.

Now before you proceed in the registry I would highly suggest you create it back above it. In order to do that it’s very simple all you have to do is just left click on the file tap up. The top left left click on Export, the filename you can save it as whatever you want but usually the date in which you’re making the backups what I would recommend.

Fix CCleaner Not Responding
Fix CCleaner Not Responding

And then save it’s gonna be in location on your computer, make sure expert range is selected to all and then select save, and if you ever needed to come back from a backup all you have to do is just left go on the file tab and then select import.

Navigate to the file location and that’s pretty straightforward. So once in I’m making the backup now you want to go ahead and expand the HP local machine folder it’s either double click on it or left go a little arrow next to it to expand the drop-down.

Once you’re know with that you want to go ahead and do the same thing for the software folder. I’m gonna make this screen a little bit wider here. Now that you expand the software you want to go span to Microsoft, double click on over left little error nested to expand that.

Go to Windows NT

Now you want to go down to Windows NT, and he also see the path that we’re following up the top screen here each backslash is separating the next folder you want to go into, so just to kind of keep it a little organized for you guys, and now you want to expand Windows NT double click or local or our next to that again.

Do the same thing for the current version folder, which should be right underneath Windows NT go down to where it says image file execution options, and you want to expand that. Now there should be a folder underneath image file execution options that says ccleaner and you want to just go ahead and right-click on that.

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So I delete that’s gonna ask you sure you want to permanently leave this key and all but sub keys go ahead and left click on yes. Once you’re done with that close out of here restart your computer and hope that’s resolved the prom. If you’re still experiencing a prom you can go ahead and just try and install CCleaner and then reinstall from piriform zone website. So that’s always an option to.

So do I was able to help you guys out and as always thank you for reading and I do look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial. See you

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