Fix Error Code 0x80070035 the Network Path Was Not Found In Windows 10/8/7

In today’s it’s woman she knows how to resolve the windows cannot access computer error code 0x80004005 check the spelling of the name otherwise there might be a problem with your network and then it says to try and identify and resolve narrow problems click diagnose.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070035 in Windows 10

So assuming you’ve closed diagnose and doesn’t yield any results, this tutorial will be for you. So we’re gonna go ahead and jump into and start by opening up the Start menu, just off on the sharp on one time type in services best, manager go back with services right above app go ahead and laugh click on that.

Now you want to scroll down on this list until you find TCP slash IP NetBIOS helper. Right here go ahead and double-click on that, Serb type you want to cool them to the drop down set it to automatic, and then a service that is just stopped you want to quote the start button and then select applying okay.

Restart Computer to See Problem

So then restart your computer and see that has resolved your problem, another thing we can go ahead and try would be to open up the Start menu again.

Type in regedit its REGEDIT best man struggle Mac already she editor, right-click on that, and then select Run As Administrator if you receive a user account control prompt you want to select Yes.

Now before you proceed in the registry I highly suggest you create a backup of it, so in order to do that it’s very simple just go ahead and left go on the file tap up at the top left, select export save it to me and location on your computer. Export range should be selected to all and as for file name usually the date in which you’re making the backup is what I would recommend.

Fix Error Code 0x80070035

And then so it saved so pretty che forward and then if you ever need to import it backing you should do file import and then we get to the file location so pretty straightforward, and then select open. So once you meet your backup you want to go skiing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subfolder it’s either double-click on it or left one a little arrow next to it to expand the drop-down.

Now that you’ve done that you want to do the same thing now for the software folder. Now you want to find the Microsoft folder here expand that as well. Now you want to scroll down until you find the folder that says MSlicensing, expand that.

Now there should be two folders in here under the MSLicensing folder once you expand it you want to right-click on each folder individually, select delete, confirm the deletion and then do that for the other folder as well.

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So it should be two folders under there the hardware and the store folder delete both of them and then restore your computer and hopefully that’s been able to resolve your problem.

One more thing we can try here would be to go ahead and open up the Start menu, type in Local Security Policy, best national macro local security policy right click on that and then select Run As Administrator.

Now you want to expand the local policies folder, so go ahead and double click on that or left a little error like we did in the registry. Now you just want to let go on the security options folder one time on the right side you want to look for something this is network security land manager authentication level.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80070035 in Windows 10
How to Fix Error Code 0x80070035 in Windows 10

You want to go ahead and double-click on that, click inside the drop down field here, and then you want to slot the Send LM and NTLM Use NTLMv2 session security if negotiatiated like that. Once you’re done with that go ahead and just clik on OK, once you know what that go ahead and select apply and OK, reset your computer and hopefully that’s been able to resolve your problem.

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