Download Driver Epson L210

Are you looking for an all-in-one printer that looks perfectly compact in size and friendly in budget? The Epson L210 will be an ideal choice. It enables you to do print, scan, copy, and fax in just one shot.

It features Fast Ink Top-Up technology that helps you to print with no messing refills. Moreover, the driver Epson L210 is easy to run as long as you know how to do it directly. Let’s find the whole steps below.

The Epson L210 appears in the size of 130 x 222 x 472 mm and 2.7 kg of weight. Designed in zed black color, it looks perfectly matches with your office interior.

Further, it has a tiny footprint that fits to any side of your room. With great performance of Friction Paper Feed, it’s able to handle paper printing more smoothly. The paper tray allows 50 sheets of A4 size paper and 10 sheets of premium glossy paper.

download driver epson l210

Especially in printing speed, it’s able to perform in 27 ppm for black-white and 15 ppm for colored print. The printing resolution looks like fair enough with 5760 x 1440 pixels.

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There is a competent one-touch operation that eases you to scan and copy. As well as users have installed the driver Epson L210, this unit only takes 5 seconds and 10 seconds for copying in black-white printing and color printing.

Download Driver Epson L210

Operating this unit means you have to clearly finishing the installation process. After unboxing this Epson L210, you need to remove the protective tapes. Then you need to fill in any colors included inside the box into every ink tank. You have to do this step as well as you refilling the ink.

After all those steps, continue with pressing the power button to charge up the ink. It may take about 20 minutes to complete charging.

After all those steps, it’s time to move to the software installation process. The Epson L210 runs on the operating system such as Windows XP/XP Professional x64 Edition/Vista/7.

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It also supports Mac OS x 10.5.8, 10.6.x, and 10.7.x editions. Operating this device needs to complete the software setup installation. For you who need any driver for this unit, you can download it on the link mentioned below.

For Windows

  • Drivers Printer Epson L210 Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 32 Bit Download (23.93 MB)
  • Drivers Printer Epson L210 Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64 Bit Download (23.93 MB)

For MacOS

  • Drivers Printer Epson L210 for Mac OS X Download (110.22 MB)

Download Driver Scanner Epson L210

  • Drivers Scanner Printer Epson L210 for Windows Download  19.83 MB
  • Drivers Scanner Printer Epson L210 for Mac OS X Download 14.04 MB

How to Install Epson L210 Drivers

After finding the driver you have downloaded before, it’s time to run the setup process through the Epson L210 driver. Follow these steps to make sure you have done any process directly.

Step 1

Try to plug the Epson L210 into your PC. Then try to turn both the PC & printer on properly.

Step 2

Continue with running the driver file you have downloaded before.

Step 3

Continue with following the installation wizard. However, it will be running automatically.

Step 4

Continue with testing it to make sure the setup process is totally success.

Step 5

After all the steps have been set up directly, it’s time to check the unit and make sure the Epson L210 is working properly.